Soil Surfactant Portfolio

HydroForce CalWet Granular

Hydro-Force CalWet is a granular residual surfactant formulation specifically developed for use in fine turf situations such as golf greens, tees & surrounds, bowling greens, tennis courts and finely cut fairways and sportsfields.

HydroForce DewPRO

A non-ionic surfactant to assist in overcoming Dew formation on turfgrass during cooler growing conditions.

HydroForce Evolve Soil Penetrant

HydroForce Evolve is a true soil penetrant, consisting of an anionic soil-amending additive, which modifies surface tension of the hygroscopic (bound) water in the soil profile.

HydroForce Extend

HydroForce Extend is a long-term surfactant that gives you guaranteed safe protection against water repellency problems and promotes turf uniformity for up to 90 days.

HydroForce Inject

Non-Ionic Surfactant blend optimising Irrigation Efficiency. Can be applied via Irrigation systems or via conventional sprayers.

HydroForce Rapid

HydroForce Rapid is a highly concentrated penetrant surfactant that maximizes soil moisture movement into the soil, improving irrigation efficiency, allowing you to save water and energy.

HydroForce Recharge

Highly Concentrated Residual Soil Surfactant which overcomes water repellency, improves water penetration and helps prevent localised dry spot in turf.

HydroForce Ultra

HydroForce Ultra is a newly discovered, innovative modified Block Co-Polymer surfactant technology, altered to enhance adsorption to hydrophobic materials and to radically increase the wettability and responsiveness of treated surfaces to applied water.

HydroForce Granular Greens

A new high performance surfactant technology, combined with dispersible granule technology (DGT) to produce outstanding performance and reliability.

Aquatic Management Portfolio

HydroForce Bio-Blast

HydroForce Bio-Blast WSP is a multi-purpose product specifically designed for treatment of waste water, ponds, lakes and irrigation dam applications. HydroForce Bio-Blast WSP is a unique microbially based blend, containing 5 billion bacteria for the degradation of organic debris, odours, and sediment in ponds, lakes, and open water bodies. HydroForce Bio-Blast improves clarity and odour in water bodies and ties up nutrients within water to assist in the prevention of algal growth.

HydroForce Aqua Clear

Hydro-Force Aqua Clear is a product specifically developed to reduce and alleviate suspended solids in water bodies.

HydroForce Aqua Blue

HydroForce Aqua Blue is a highly concentrated aquatic colourant used for maintaining the natural beauty of contained bodies of water.
HydroForce Aqua Blue will turn off-colored water to an attractive, natural blue. Use HydroForce Aqua Blue to colour contained bodies of water, including water hazards, ponds, small lakes and fountains—anywhere you need your ornamental water to be the centre of attention.