XCel 7-2-7 + 2%Fe, 1%Mg

An analysis designed for use during the growing season. Phosphate included to aid root growth in soils with low reserves
Iron and magnesium promotes harder growth and boosts colour Potash to improve wear tolerance

Rate: 2-3.5kg/100m2
Early Spring to late autumn, granule size 1.2mm.

XCel 9-0-9 + 1%Mg

Nitrogen levels designed to perform well throughout the season.

3% magnesium for improved photosynthesis.
Balanced growth over an extended period.

Rate: 2-3.5kg/100m2
Spring to autumn
Granule size 1.2mm

XCel 6-5-11 + 1%Mg

NPK ratio suited to early and late use.
Ideal as a pre-seeder on greens when over sowing.
High potash to promote hardening of soft growth.
Phosphate encourages root development.

Rate: 2-3.5kg/100m2.
Spring and autumn.
Granule size 1.2mm.