To find out more on our diagnostic service offering, please visit the TechForce page.

The ProForce range is an Australian manufactured plant protection range, focused on non-crop and specialty markets.

The HydroForce range is a range of premium soil surfactants specifically developed and researched for Australian growing conditions.

The BioForce range are unique combinations of beneficial bacteria and fungi used to stimulate root initiation, produce a more vigorous root system and promote better utilisation of applied nutrients to give turf and amenity plants more resistance to adverse conditions.

Our XCel range is a high quality organic amendment portfolio. For more information, see our XCeL page.

NutriForce Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate is a high quality soluble source of iron and sulphur fertiliser suitable for foliar or fertigation applications.

Apex fertilisers incorporate GAL-XE ONE controlled release technology, enabling consistent and predictable nutrient delivery. To find out more, please visit our Apex range page.

Our aquatic / water management portfolio is very effective in reducing algae, weed, sludge and odour issues, whilst improving aesthetics and overall appearance of the water body.

Visit our downloads page to view and download our Tech sheets, SDS and Labels.

Achieve your Maximum Result with XCEL Fine Turf Range

XCEL is a range of composted organic complex fertilisers wrapped and infused with seaweed. Our carefully selected compost and seaweed carry all the constituents needed to maximise the production of amino acids, humate acids, and plant growth regulators.

The three little things that make our products special


Formulated in Australia


Developed and researched for local conditions


Focused on specialty markets

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