About Indigo Specialty Products

Indigo Specialty Products is a privately-owned business, formed and owned by a small team of industry professionals with extensive experience in manufacture, distribution, development and product registration. We are a business focused on production & supply of plant protection, weed control, pest control, plant nutrition, soil , water management & biological products. Specialising in Australasian non-crop and niche horticultural markets, including Turf & Amenity, Nursery Production, Industrial Vegetation Management, Aquatics, Pest Control and Consumer Home Garden & Pest Management.

Formulated in Australia

Our goal is to manufacture the Indigo product ranges in Australia as much as possible, where we can oversee product quality processes, whilst allowing us the flexibility to modify products to overcome everchanging challenges. Our ProForce and HydroForce Range of Products will be formulated in Australia using imported materials. Our XCel Fertiliser and BioForce Biological range will be manufactured in Australia to the highest possible standards.

Developed & Researched for local conditions

We are heavily focused on local research and development to ensure our products perform at their peak in the Australasian markets. We actively invest in field trial research programs and modify our formulations to match the local conditions of the key markets in which we operate to maximise performance.

Focused on Speciality markets

We strive to be relevant in our core markets, by adding value via overcoming issues and obstacles that are present in the markets we operate within. We do this by focusing on control of key pests or diseases or by solving key management issues that our valued end user customers have. We also strive to be active in the core markets in which we operate by working closely with our allied distributor network, offering support, service and advice where required.

Diagnostic Services (TechForce) Offering

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic services package, known as TechForce, designed to evaluate and identify key agronomic problems, so we can be better informed in recommending products for the specific situation. We also believe that by offering these services, our customers and users of our products can evaluate performance of the portfolio in a quantifiable and scientific approach. We use some of Australia’s leading laboratories in delivering results for our services including Westgate Labs, Ground Science, Plant Science Consulting and Tweed Laboratories.

Indigo Specialty Products is a unique, market driven business.

Please feel free to look through our product range, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on the details provided on the Contact Us page.
We are here to assist and support where we can.