Cambium Biodegradable Carrier for Woody Weed Herbicides

Active Ingredient: Methyl Oleate (Canola Oil Methyl Ester)

Biodegradable diesel replacement for use in combination with woody weed herbicide technology when conducting Basal Bark and Cut Stump operations.

Rate: 1L- 4L/60L of Cambium

Applications: Woody Weed control Herbicides,  Basal Bark and Cut
Stump operations

Pack Size: 20L.

Octane from Indigo Specialty Products
Octane Non Ionic Extender, Sticker, Spreader

Active Ingredient: 859g/L Di-1-p Menthene.

Octane is a non ionic sticking extending agent that Improves retention and deposition of spray droplets, improves rain fastness and droplet lifetime. Octane protects against losses from UV, Wind and Volatilization.

Rate: 300mL – 1.2L/ha.

Applications: Extends contact fungicide and insecticide activity. Excellent turf and ornamental safety, particularly with the Sulfonylurea herbicide family. Ideal for application with biological products.

Pack Size: 5L.

Overtake Oil from Indigo Specialty Products
Overtake Oil

Active Ingredient: 582g/L Paraffinic Oil.
120 g/L Nonyl Phenol ethoxylate
120 g/L Alcohol Ethoxylate

Crop Oil Concentrate (COC) based adjuvant and non-ionic surfactant blend to maximize spreading, wetting and penetration of grass, woody weed and non-selective herbicides.

Rate: 500mL – 1L per 100L of water.

Applications: Grass Specific Herbicides, Non-selective herbicides, Woody Weed control Herbicides.

Pack Size: 20L.

Red Spray Marking Dye from Indigo Specialty Products
ProForce Scrubwet Surfactant

Active Ingredient: 1020g/L Polyether Modified Polysiloxane.

Scrubwet is a specialty organosilicone based surfactant, which enhances herbicide performance and uptake on hard to kill weeds. Ideal for Woody weed and brush weed control operations.

Rate: 50 – 200mL per 100L of water.

Applications: Woody Weed control Herbicides, Non-selective herbicides.

Pack Size: 5L, 20L.

Monteray previously known as Manta Ray from Indigo
ProForce Monteray (Manta Ray) Surfactant

Active Ingredient: 350 g/L Soyal Phospholipids 350 g/L Nonyl Phenol ethoxylate

Monteray Surfactant is an Aquatically approved adjuvant, specifically designed for use with aquatic based herbicides. Monteray acidifies the spray solution, reducing alkaline hydrolysis. It also Improves droplet size consistency – reducing drift.

Rate: 100mL – 500mL per 100L of water.

Applications: Use with aquatic Herbicides and Agchem products that are sensitive to Alkaline hydrolysis. Eg. Weak acid herbicides, Iprodione, Clofentezine, Glufosinate ammonium, Glyphosate.

Pack Size: 1L, 5L, 20L.

Voltage MSO from Indigo Specialty Products
Voltage MSO Spray Adjuvant

Active Ingredient: 700 g/L Ethyl and Methyl esters of Vegetable Oil with 116 g/L Non-ionic Surfactants.

Vegetable Oil Concentrate (VOC) based adjuvant and non-ionic surfactant blend to increase penetration through waxy cuticles, reducing spray droplet evaporation rates and wetting and spreading properties.

Rate: 500mL – 1L per 100L of water.

Applications: Mature Grass weed control with herbicides such as Diclofop methyl, Quinclorac, Foramsulfuron, Iodosulfuron sodium methyl and the Imidazolinone herbicide group. Excellent for application to mature weeds with well developed cuticle structures.

Pack Size: 20L.

Spray Additive Portfolio

Foam Aid Foam Suppressant

Active Ingredient: Dimethylpolysiloxane

Foam Aid is a special purpose foam suppressant which reduces excess foam in the spray tank. This reduces filling time and overflow waste, ensuring ease of preparation and limiting downtime so that spray operations can commence. Can be used both as a preventative or curative measure.

Rate: 20mL – 60mL/100L of water.

Pack Size: 5L, 20L.

Blue Liquid by Indigo Specialty Products
Indigo Blue Spray Marking Dye

Active Ingredient: 90g/L Sulphonated Aromatic Acid Blue

A blue liquid marking dye to assist in clearer identification of sprayed areas. A simple and cost effective system to reduce costly problems in over application in all spraying situations. When used as a colouring agent with white foam markers, foam will become blue in colour to allow clearer identification.

Rate: 100mL per 100L of water. Foam markers: 25- 50mL per 100L.

Pack Size: 5L, 20L.

Red Spray Marking Dye from Indigo Specialty Products
Indigo Red Spray Marking Dye

Active Ingredient: 675g/L Diethylene Glycol, 150g/L Rhodamine B.

A red marker dye to assist in the identification of sprayed areas. When used as a foam marker colouring agent, white foam will become pink in colour to assist identification.

Rate: 50 – 100mL per 100L of water. Foam markers: 20- 30mL per 10L of foam marker diluted mixture.

Pack Size: 5L, 20L.

Odour Aid from Indigo Specialty Products
Odour Aid

Active Ingredient: Methyl Salicylate

Odour Aid is an advanced formula for masking odour with pesticide formulations and other products. Odour Aid can be added to any mixture where odour may become offensive or detrimental to application.

Rate: 130mL per 100L of water.

Pack Size: 1L.

Silixol from Indigo Specialty Products

Active Ingredient: 2.7% Ortho Silicic Acid.

SiLIXOL T&O strengthens cell walls and shield’s turf and ornamental plants from abiotic and biotic stresses. Ideal for mixing with fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators to improve plant response and enhance performance.

Rate: 250mL – 1L per hectare.

Pack Size: 1L.

Turf Aid by Indigo Specialty Products
Turf Aid

Active Ingredient: Pigment, Elicitor of Plant Response, Non-Ionic Surfactant.

Turf Aid is a liquid additive used to act as a green visual spray aid which can assist in protecting turf against UV and excessive light intensity. The product also contains an elicitor of plant response enhancing turf immunity to stress conditions. Lastly the product contains an APG surfactant to enhance coverage and uniformity of the product. Ideal for mixing with Fungicide technology to maximise plant performance.

Rate: 300mL – 1.2L per hectare

Pack Size: 1L.