ProForce® Clean Sweep Trio Fungicide

Indigo Specialty Products continues to revolutionize turf management with its high-performing ProForce Clean Sweep Trio Fungicide, a proven solution formulated to combat a wide array of turf diseases. Proudly crafted in Australia, this innovative fungicide features a potent blend of active ingredients, including 119g/L Thiophanate-methyl, 37.5g/L Fluazinam, and 36g/L Tebuconazole, setting a gold standard in turf care. Its Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation ensures comprehensive control against ERI, Fairy Ring, Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, and Helminthosporium across all recreational turf environments.

Clean Sweep Trio from Indigo Specialty Products

Backed by extensive field trials conducted by independent contractor Gcenseo, ProForce Clean Sweep Trio Fungicide has consistently demonstrated exceptional efficacy in curative control. Peter Kirby, General Manager of Indigo Specialty Products, underscores the product’s reliability, citing successful trials conducted at the Norman Park Bowls Club.

ProForce Clean Sweep Trio Fungicide continues to deliver outstanding results against ERI Pathogen Diseases,” remarked Kirby, emphasizing it’s tangible impact on turf health.

Highlighted features of Clean Sweep Trio Fungicide include:

  • Tri-Active Control Technology
  • Industry-leading 3-way fungicide mixture
  • Potent curative and preventative activity
  • Broad Spectrum Activity targeting 9 causal pathogens
  • Superior efficacy against ERI (Couch Decline and Take All Patch) pathogens
  • Robust preventative and early curative control of Fairy Ring
  • Comprehensive inside-out protection
  • Incorporation of Thiophanate-methyl, a cutting-edge systemic fungicide molecule for the Australian turf industry
  • Non-strobilurin based formula, enabling rotation with strobilurin-based fungicides, particularly during Summer.
  • Versatile application methods for maximum disease control: foliar applied for leaf diseases or soil applied for root diseases

Disease Management Considerations:

For ERI Disease:

Timely preventative applications yield better results than curative treatments. Initiate applications in spring before temperatures reach 18°C (Magnaporthe), with 3 monthly applications before key disease symptoms emerge. In autumn, commence applications when air temperatures reach 26°C and RH 75% or higher, positioning the product into the rootzone for optimal performance.

For Fairy Ring:

Preventive measures are more effective and consistent than curative approaches. Initiate multiple fungicide applications before soil temperatures hit 21°C in spring, with the initial application between 15-18°C. In cooler climates, commence preventive applications when soil temperatures reach 12°C, repeating ProForce Clean Sweep Trio applications every 3-4 weeks for optimal results.

ProForce Clean Sweep Trio Fungicide remains readily available for purchase at distributor outlets or by contacting 0439 093 285. For further information, visit our website:


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