ProForce – PGR and Partner Products

AgriTec Aquatic Algaecide

AgriTec® is a unique, APVMA approved aquatic algaecide, containing the active ingredient Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (226g/L). It is registered for the control of free floating and filamentous algae species as well as Chara and Phormidium species in a range of aquatic situations including farm dams and ponds, irrigation canals, ornamental lakes, industrial ponds and potable water supplies.

ProForce Amigo 120ME PGR

ProForce Amigo 120ME is a plant growth regulator formulation containing 120g/L of the active ingredient Trinexapac ethyl. Amigo 120ME is a micro-emulsion formulation and is registered for the regulation of leaf and stem growth, as well as a turf management aid across a range of turfgrass species and growing regimes. Amigo 120 ME is also registered for the suppression of Bahiagrass and seadhead control in combination with herbicides.

ProForce Incognito 480SL Turf Growth Regulator

ProForce Incognito is a plant growth regulator containing 480g/L of the active ingredient ethephon. It is registered for the suppression of Poa annua (Wintergrass) seedhead emergence in turfgrass. ProForce Incognito is in the form of a soluble concentrate formulation.

Octane Non Ionic Extender, Sticker, Spreader

Octane significantly improves the retention and deposition of spray droplets onto the leaf surfaces. Octane containing 859g/L di-1-p-methene, forms a polymer film helping hold the chemical spray droplet on the leaf under rain or irrigation events, optimizing the performance of your pesticide application under any adverse condition. Octane is a superior extending agent designed to enhance the useful life of plant protection products and fertilisers that you mix in your spray tank.

ProForce Regulate 200SC PGR

ProForce Regulate is a plant growth regulator containing 200g/L of the active ingredient paclobutrazol. It is registered for the suppression of Poa annua (Wintergrass) and growth regulation in turfgrass. ProForce Regulate is in the form of a suspension concentrate formulation. The product contains an in-built surfactant, which improves root absorption and plant uptake efficiency of the active ingredient.


SiliXOL T&O is a proprietary formulation of stabilized Orthosilicic acid. The product has been designed to strengthen and improve
plant response in a range of situations including turfgrass, ornamentals and nursery production. SiliXOL T&O contains 25g/L of Orthosilicic acid, which equates to 0.8% plant available silicon (Si). SiliXOL T&O is a tank mix flexible formulation of Silicon and can be mixed with a range of turf and horticultural management products.

Turf Aid

Turf Aid is a unique 3 part, liquid additive used to act as a visual spray application aid with a range of turf management products. In addition, the macrocyclic compound called phthalocyanine within the product also assists in protecting turf against UV radiation and excessive light intensity. The new generation APG surfactant in the formulation assists in improving coverage, uniformity, deposition and provides rainfast properties to the product, and it’s tank mix partners. Finally, the product contains Plant Elicitors which enhance the plant’s immune response to plant stresses.

VapourShield Anti-Transpirant & Turf Conditioning Aid

Vapourshield is a water emulsifiable polymer concentrate. It is used on plants to reduce water transpiration and protection from climatic extremes. The soft, flexible film formed after the spray application dries, will significantly assist in the reduction of moisture loss from the plant foliage in times of stress. Vapourshield has a use within Turf maintenance to reduce cold desiccation, drought and heat stress. It also plays a useful role as a harvest tool in turf production to reduce degradation of cut turf. Vapourshield also reduces transplant shock and prevent cold desiccation in a range of ornamental plants.